Of Course you want to know what is there for you. 

Well, lets start:


  • Yamaha Rock Tour Custom: 22“ Bass, 10,12,13,14,16“ Toms
  • Yamaha Recording Custom 22“ Bass, 8,10,12,13,14,15“ Toms
  • Roland TD20 Electronic Drum Set with Mesh Heads
  • Sonor S-Class Pro 22“ Bass, 10,12,13,14,16“ Toms


  • Tama Artstart 14x8“
  • Gretsch Walnut 14x8“
  • Sonor 14x6“ Maple Artist
  • Ludwig 14x6,5“ Brass Black Beauty
  • Sonor 12x5,5“ American Walnut SQ2
  • DW 14x5,5“ Super Solid
  • Sonor AS 1406 CM Artist Snare 14"x 6" Maple Light
  • Noble & Cooley 14x7“ Classic Maple Blackwash Oil 


14,15,16,17,18“ Paiste Signature Crash Cymbals

17“ Signature Power Crash

8,10“ Paiste Signature Splashes

20“ Paiste Signature Ride

14“ Paiste Signature „Sound Edge“ HiHat

14,15,16,17,18“ Zildjian A-Custom Crash Cymbals

17“ Zildjian K-Custom Crash

8,10“ Zildjian A-Custom Splash Cymbals

20“ Zildjian K-Series Ride Cymbal

14“ Zildjian New Beat Brilliant HiHat


  • AKG, Sennheiser and Rhode Mics for drums
  • Logic ProX, built in Drum Sounds
  • Superior Drummer with hundreds of different sounds from several complete kits:
    • N.Y. Avatar
    • Custom & Vintage
    • The Progressive Foundry
Recording Room

The Recording Room

The Mixing Consoles

Mixing Console

Yamaha Rock Tour Custom

Yamaha Rock Tour Custom

Roland E-Drums

Roland E-Drums

Yamaha Rock Tour Custom

Yamaha Rock Tour Custom

Yamaha Recording Custom

Yamaha Recording Custom

The Mixing Desk

The Mixing desk